Boat life on the Chesapeake / by tina gonsalves


I like this photo because it is funny.It's funny because you can see my butt crack.. well back to the life - not how it's funny

This is me and grandpa putting the sails quickly because we might fall off the boat. It was great helping grandpa sail the boat.


This is one of my favourite places. It was such a beautiful beach we anchored at. We anchored here, and we found a lot of things, crab skeletons and a dead puffer fish and lots of different things. This beach was where John Smith, who met Pocohontus was stabbed by a stingray barb, and then the Indians saved him with their local medicine.  We played lots of games. We used sticks as guns and mum played as well. It was really fun. 


This is us in the dinghy, Most afternoons, after we have anchored, we would then explore the bays in our dinghy.  I got so bored and Hugo starts falling asleep for hours. But we explore ,go really fast and meet people. Dad, Ree and Mum really liked the dinghy rides.


this is down stairs were we sleep and draw most of the time. thats hugo with the helmet on.


I love everything about Grandpa. Grandpa makes the boat and the dinghy. It took him about three years to make the boat. Grandpa is a happy chappy. He loves playing with us.  When I think about grandpa I think he is an exciting person. Because he loves adventures and trips. Ree played lots of cards with me while we were on the boat. And we played Monopoly. I think Ree is exciting because the plays with me and she is a really great cook. She made some great meals. I love Ree becuase she is always there for me.


This is me on the sails. I really love it, and its really relaxing. When I am by myself, I can really relax sitting here - reading a book, or playing on my Ipad.  The boat is really fantastic. When I go, I will really miss it. The best thing about sailing is that you have freedom to go anywhere around the rivers and you can explore.  I would love to do it again.