not on the boat:( / by tina gonsalves


This is grandpa and grandma's house. They made it themselves which sounds pretty amazing if i say so. Grandpa has a crafting place at the bottom of the house which is pretty cool. At the top of the house theres a tv, two couches, double bed, bath room and lastly a kitchen.We have a lot of fun here.


we also have a friend called Chip he let us go into his pool to have a swim.I did front flips,dives and my favourite CANNON BALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!The water gets cold some times and i'm scared to jump in because I would get really cold some times.


We would do some fishing from time to time which was a bit fun. We would do it on Richard's  dock. We would catch pretty big fish together. If they were big enough grandpa would cook them on the bbq. Thats the first time I ever like fish to eat. One fish was called a croaker and it was a talking fish. It croaked.



A sign said fruit this way so we were driving through and we saw this creepy house and we were still driving to the house and i was creeped out then we saw this guy law mowing and a sign said beep your horn so we did and he helped us to the fruit. 


This is were we sometimes we buy fruit or vegetable to eat but what we were really coming for was PEACHES!!!!I would do any thing to get my hands on some peaches. I sometimes dribble from peach!


We also drove 3 hours to stay at a friends house for one night at Virginia Beach. i was like can't we stay for more a couple more days! But except for that had a fantactic time. We went to the beach then had a nice meal.


We drove the to Eastern Seaboard - the other side of the chesapeake. We hired a house at Tilghmans Island. we went walking around the street at the houses and stuff. I loved the house with the spa and everything. We did lots of walking and some driving. It was an old fishermans town. They caught lots of crab here. Maree made crab cakes.


funny mermaid

when we went walking i found this funny mermaid thing which was really funny photo so thats why i had to put it on to my blog;]


boat to boat

i love this photo what i called boat to boat it was beautiful sky and the reflection is wonderful ; )) These boats are crab boats.