sailing through the rivers! / by tina gonsalves

When we got to America we stayed at the airport hotel in Washington DC till the morning then Grandpa and Marie met us in front of the hotel. Then we did a 3 hour drive to their house so we stayed at the house in till the next day.

The next day we went on their boat what they made what looks beautiful. We stayed on the boat for 5 days. Also we had a beach right next to us so we went on the beach for 3 hours and we got really sun burnt and it felt so bad! it stopped after 4 days. The best about the beach is the tiny little jelly fish and they don't sting at all except for the big ones but i hold the small ones and they feel so good. I think the boat is really fun. I feel more alive when I am on the boat. This is because you get more fresh air, and you see nature, and birds and the wind. You live outside a lot and I really like this. I haven't been fishing yet because there are no fish. Yesterday when we went to the beach there were dogs on the beach. To me they look like they had rabies but Marie really liked to play with them.



The boat is a lot of fun!  We swim, i draw, Hugo plays and the adults read. My favourite thing to do on the boat is jumping off the boat and swimming. We have so much to do we can't even choose what to do! It is that much fun.


I don't know how they fit this much food on the boat because we have fantastic breakfast, lunch and finally dinner.  It was still Hugo's birthday and we still had presents to give to Hugo. One of the presents i liked was the remote control car. It was the best of all!  Hugo loved it as well.  He loved it so much he could kiss it.


Grandpa and Grandma brought there dinghy with them. I like to go on beaches because we don't just go on the boat. We play at the beach as well. Hugo loves the beach. His favourite thing is to make sandcastles with mum and me.


we walk on the beaches also. We also found a lot of jelly fish - the small little rivers, every three seconds we see five jellyfish. It is amazing. 


I love drawing.  I could draw any thing at all! Well, not every thing i can draw... well um...hmm...well every thing...


This is Tylianna. You can see the name under the flag. Grandpa and Mum sailed Tylianna from Sydney when she was my age. I love sitting on the sails. When we start to sail the anchor go's up and it's  dirty, so i clean it with the hose  until it's clean. Also when we sail i stand up at the front of the boat. 


But when were back it's a normal life again!!!!!!!!!!!!;0. This is grandpa's dock where Tylianna lives when its not sailing.