We are in Siem Reap / by tina gonsalves

It took four hour to go to Siem Reap. First day we had a black out. Dad was trying to get a torch. And I was eating my food as I had just woke up as I was feeling sick. Mum and Hugo were in the shower and Hugo started to scream . Hugo and mum went out of the shower, and then Hugo got rice stuck on his foot - so he started screaming. It was funny.

The house has two stories, it looks good. 

Buddhism is about peace and happiness and life. Buddhists Monks believe in Buddhism and they have orange clothes. The live in temples. Buddhists are nice people.

They believe that if you think bad things, you will have a bad time, but if you think good things, you will be happy. I met a monk today and he spoke very good english. He was wearing an orange robe. He had been a monk since he was a child - at age 13. In Cambodia, 95 per cent of the population is buddhists. The buddhists don't want to kill anything - they can't even hurt an ant, so they have to be careful where they are walking. If something is attacking them, the can't attack them back. I think its good that there is no violence, and then nobody gets killed. 1400 years ago a prince was born in India, and he became Buddha after meditating for six years. He left his palace, and he lived on nothing. A monk can only eat food between dawn and midday.