The language and food in Bali / by tina gonsalves

The language in Bali is Bahasa Indonesian. 

Hello is halo

how are you is Apa kabar?

thank you is Terima kasih

Yes is ya

No is tidak

I like the food in Bali. I have been eating Nasi Goreng which is like a fried rice. We had noodles which is mei goreng. We had lots of chicken satays. Sate Ayam.  We went to the market and bought 50 satays for 50 000 rupiah, which is around $5. 

The houses are beautiful and amazing, and the villas are huge and impressive. The roofs are cool and impressive because of the way they are built. They have statues on them. 

The people are nice to us. They put offerings for the gods so the gods don't starve.  They make nice paintings.