Lazy days in Seminyak / by tina gonsalves

We have been in Seminyak for a week now, enjoying the beautiful villa Suku. Four bedrooms, pool, and in the heart of seminyak, but its so incredibly quiet. It was definitely a huge change of plan, heading here. The house swap came out of the blue - the owners will spend some time in our Berlin Apartment next year. The initial plan was to travel about Bali for the rest of our time here, but its been a nice change of plan. That is the wonderful thing about not booking anything too far in advance, we can always change our plans to suit.

Our days have been quiet - catching up on work, school work with Pablo, playing in the surf, swimming in the pool, watching dvd's, playing uno, catching up with a few friends. Each morning, the staff descend on the villa, gardeners, cleaners, cooking us breakfast. Imagine if that could happen at our houses in Australia? Imagine how well looked after the houses would be. Its strange to get used to being cooked for, and cleaned up after - but we are enjoying the luxury while it is here, as the next part of our trip is airbnb, and hotels. Its been a strange feeling to be so quiet. I have been catching up on a bit of work. We do long walks each day. Matt usually has the pram with hugo, and Pablo and I dawdle behind, holding hands and talking for ever. Its so lovely to have this time together. We ask each other questions - super hero questions, moral questions, ethical questions. We discuss a lot over these walks and its so wonderful. 

We are off to Cambodia tomorrow. Phnom Penh. We have a little airbnb apartment booked, and getting picked up at the airport. The next adventure begins.