Mexico YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA / by tina gonsalves

Mexic has 129.9million people in it which is a lot now I think about it because Australia has only 26million and Australia is massive soooooo yeah.🤣😂😅☺️🤓Mexico is under America which I think every body knows that and is surrounded by the Pacific.


Ive been so excited about traveling to Mexico and, these two weeks have beeeen sooooo amazing. We’ve been to Chichen Itza was a large pre Hispanic city built by Mayan people  between 600AD to 1221AD.  Chinin itza is a scary place to go to because all the sacrifices that has happened here from a ball game, whaaaaat😮😱. They throw the losers of the ball game of a cliff and into what as known as a Cenote. A Cenote is sort of a lake but it’s in a sinkhole so you can’t get out. It was a rich country though from all the jades and gold.


These are one of the Cenotes that we went to this Cenote was so deep it was 25 metres deep and this is even crazier you could see the bottom.🤨🤔


The city’s were absolutely amazing. Like this city all the houses were golden yellow and there was cobble stone houses it’s like being in a movie, which is mystical. 😍


We went for a boat ride to see some flamingos so I’m going to tell you some FACTS about flamingos  fact 1 Adult flamingos are four to 5 feet tall but there between four to eight pounds. Fact 2 the colour pink comes from beta carotene in the  crustaceans and plankton that flamingos eat. If they don’t have there diet they will turn white. Fact 3 when they fly under there wings they have black feathers. Fact 4 some flamingos find it easier to use a built nest then make one so they guard there nest that they built. That’s all I have for facts about FLAMINGOS.


We climbed up the 3rd biggest pyramid in the world other pyramids that are first and second biggest are in Egypt but we couldn’t climb on those so this was exhausting it was so hard to breathe because of the altitude it was crazy. 


We stayed at Tulum for a whole week, we just went to a couple of ruins and we went to a fantastic beach. So we just chilled out and had a great time here.