INCREDIBLE INDIA / by tina gonsalves

it’s so good being back in India it’s been great going to the chia shop there’s a new school. That has way more kids. Last time I was there we had 10 kids. Now there’s 150 kids. Well it has been 2yrs since I have been here. 

what we have to learn at school is new to me. Because we have to do a play I’ve never done anything like that at all. We have to do aladin. I’ve never read the book before. What so funny about the math teacher is she faints whenever she talks or see blood. Guess what I did cut myself with scissors if I showed My sore she would of fainted. That would of been hilarious. But I lost a lot of blood. I could see my bone 🍖  

We all way go to a beach called turtle beach but sadly there making a huge highways there. They have great surf and food. We get boogie boards there for free it’s so fun. Hugo just played in the sand making sand castles with Mum. Me and dad surfed it was perfect.