Getting prepared for school, Bali / by tina gonsalves

We are trying to do heaps more school work with Pablo to get him a little prepared for school.   I have been in contact with his teacher and all the kids are looking forward to seeing him. He will be looking forward to seeing his friends and family again. He says he is looking forward to coming home and having Matt cook for him. So am I! But then he says he loves traveling because everyday is different. Hugo is trying to crawl, but not quite succeeding. I am hoping it will be another month...He will be into EVERYTHING. Thoughts of home are starting to fill our heads now - things we have to get done, organize etc. I can feel the stress starting to flow back already. Its been an incredible trip though Asia - such an incredible part of the world. Its hard to believe that all we have experienced has just been in the last four months. 

Tomorrow, if we are organized, we may head out to the islands. Anyway, I better go see if we can get a late check out - our plane today is at 6pm, and we are off to Bali tomorrow night. Just a couple of days in Seminyak, and then we might head down to the Bukit Peninsula for a few days.